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You can make money by simply showing some skin, masturbating in front of camera, having sex with your partner, friends with benefits, or whoever else you desire. While it takes some getting used to and can seem overwhelming, if you're still reading this then you likely have enough interest to be successful as a camgirl or camguy.

How to get started as a cam model

We have a whole article with tips and information like what kind of webcam to get, toys, and more - coming soon.
For now, we suggest a few basic things, such as: choosing a good name that isn't your real name. You might not want to mix up your real life with your model life, so this can help avoid some pitfalls.
Some sites recommend things like using your middle name followed by a street you grew up on. We don't recommend using any personal names. Maybe consider using a name generator, such as this porn name generator.
Here's an article that will show you some of the equipment you need to be a successful cam model.

In addition to that, we recommend that you treat being a cam model as a job -- just a fun, pleasurable one. Try to stick to a schedule so your regular viewers will know when you're online!

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